Система тестирования

eSkill - online tests for accountants, lawyers, economists

Testing system enables the assessment of staff:

- a job
- appraisal
- for education planning and monitoring results

Currently, the testing system available:

- tests for accountants (from private to chief accountant)

Accounting tests for an accountant in hiring

eSkill - is a professional accountant test for employment, available online from anywhere with Internet.

Tests in Accounting

System eSkill (testing of accountants and auditors) is designed ACG FinSovet Audit included in the top 50 leading ACG RF.

Key benefits of accounting Tests eSkill

- 1 test for accountant costs from 450 rubles. That more than 10 times lower than the assessment
  of candidates qualified chief accountant / auditor
- evaluation of Accountants by any person does not have professional knowledge of Accounting
  (HR Manager, Financial Manager, Director-General Secretary, etc.)
- accounting tests for various jobs (tests in accounting from an ordinary accountant to Chief
  accountant of a large holding company)
- tests on accounting have 3 levels of difficulty of questions on 28 topics of accounting
- high accuracy evaluation skills at the expense of a large bank of questions and uniqueness each
  accounting test (randomly selected from a bank of questions)
- online tests for accountants in employment or certification (including for regional divisions
  and subsidiaries)
- regular update tests on accounting (at least 1 per quarter)

Why do we need tests for accountants in employment?

Anyone who has been recruiting accountants and internal auditors know that out of 10 candidates in the best case 1 has a professional knowledge, sufficient for good performance of job duties.

But in order to assess each candidate's accountants have to call the office (and not every one of them arrives), to conduct an interview, have a current test for accountants in employment and call for assessing the professional qualifications of the Chief Accountant (which is not always ready to adapt to convenient time candidate).

What is the bottom line? Spent time, money, emotion, and in 9 cases out of 10 - no result.

And if the company does not have a qualified chief accountant or accounting tests even on paper obsolete? And if you need an accountant to the regional office? Take someone who speaks clever words and hope for the Russian maybe? Or invite to evaluate the qualifications of the auditor company? But this is from 3 thousand rubles for 1 candidate, and how much they want to see?

Developing tests for accounting and system eSkill, we took into account both its own system requirements and wishes of our customers, and we managed to create a convenient, inexpensive and high quality system of tests on accounting.

Can I download free accounting tests with the answers?

On the Internet you can find enough sites offering free download tests on accounting.

Be careful. On the one hand, reputation is unknown who the tests developed in accounting, on the other hand, accounting and tax law does not stand still, and tests of accounting require regular updates.

Therefore, like any other service, qualitative tests for accountants in employment can not be free, and we do not recommend their use in operating your company.

Benefits ACG FinSovet Audit

- 10-year experience
- a comprehensive audit, accounting and maintenance yupidicheckoe
- services provided by the rating company TOP-50 ACG RF
- the quality of auditing services, including those based on a system of selection of auditors
  using tests on accounting
- professional liability insurance for USD 1.000.000

- tests on IFRS
- tests for economists / financiers
- tests for lawyers
- IQ Tests

Key benefits eSkill

- objective assessment
- reduction of costs for assessment staff in more than 10 times
- testing of candidates by any person, non-professional knowledge
- high accuracy evaluation skills at the expense of issues of varying complexity for targeted
  subject categories
- testing both in the office and online, including for regional offices
- updated regularly tests

Quality tests eSkill

Testing system eSkill developed and managed by ACG FinSovet Audit included in the top 50 leading Audit and Consulting Group of the Russian Federation, more than 10 years, specializing in providing professional audit services for the RAS and IFRS, legal, tax and financial consulting.